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About Us


Chusma House Publications has been publishing the works of Chicano and Chicana writers for over a decade. We are committed to the publication of high-quality writing by both established and emerging writers. Chusma House has also begun to publish select multi-cultural literature.

Chusma House was started in 1990 by Charley Trujillo with his first, groundbreaking narrative, Soldados: Chicanos in Viet Nam. Due to the book's unprecedented success, Charley forewent his college teaching career to devote full attention to publishing and writing.


Chusma House is one of the few truly independent Chicano publishing houses, and we are excited about the new books we will be publishing in the future. With the changing demographics, we believe we can control our ideas, information, and education and advance literatura Chicana and art.

Chusma House's philosophy is one of self-determination. We believe that Chicanos do not have to look to mainstream institutions to publish our intellectual and artistic work. Throughout the history of our house, we have sought to give voice to the best authors and artists in over-looked markets.

The Chusma House logo, an Aztec eagle warrior, represents an historic time when people learned language and found their voice. Chusma is an archaic Spanish word that meant galley slaves; we chose its use to mean "the common people."

We hope you will enjoy Chusma House books and support Chicano art and literature.

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